Slot tournament leaderboards are the central feature to any online slot tournament. Not only do slot tournament leaderboards show you your position in real time during the tournament, they also determine whether you are eligible to a prize and also show the prize amount, if any, that you are entitled to.

But because slot tournament leaderboards are so important, they are surrounded by lots of myths which are created by players desperate to come up with a winning strategy.

As you know, slot tournaments are a game of chance and so there are no guarantees of winning. Whether you’re new to slot tournaments or are an experienced player, make sure you’re not accidentally succumbing to slot tournament leaderboards fiction, rather than fact.

Before you play another online slot tournament, read on to familiarise yourself with slot tournament leaderboards so that you can make sure you are properly equipped to play and not putting yourself at a disadvantage in any way.

Earning your spot on slot tournament leaderboards

One of the biggest mistakes that players make is not understanding the rules to slot tournaments and trying to cut corners to get onto the leaderboard. However, this is impossible and will only hinder your chances of winning.

So avoid making the same mistake and make sure you understand how scoring on slot tournament leaderboards really works. One of the biggest misconceptions is that players can keep behind some of their starting chips to get a better chance of placing on the leaderboard.

However, starting chips do not count towards slot tournament leaderboards in any way. The only way to win is to hit winning combinations on the reels. This means that you need to spin those reels as much as possible in the hope of hitting a winning combination – and so you need to use your credits, not store them!

Seeing as every player gets the same number of starting credits and the same amount of time to use them in, keeping any of these credits only outs you at a disadvantage. So spin the reels and use up your credits for a better chance to earn a winning spot.

Watching your progress on slot tournament leaderboards

Although it may be tempting to watch your progress, you should be concentrating your efforts on using up your credits during your allocated playing time, rather than seeing how you’re doing.

You only have a set amount of time to play and, as discussed above, if you don’t use your credits, you place yourself in a disadvantageous position. Make sure that you stay focused and complete your round. If you’ve managed to secure a spot on the leaderboard, this is the tie to watch your movements. Doing this actually adds to the excitement as it prolongs your involvement in the game.

Using slot tournament leaderboards to locate your prize

The prize structure of a slots tournament is the same as any other tournament. before the tournament starts, make sure you are aware of how many places are paid and what prizes are awarded to each finishing position. There will be a clear payout table showing this information. Slot tournament leaderboards show your final position and the prize that you are entitled to is awarded to you based on this information.

Slot tournament leaderboards should update in real time but there may be time delays due to internet connectivity, so make sure you check right at the end. The leaderboard should also state player names next to the prizes upon completion if you’re not completely sure.

Casinos with slot tournaments

Online casinos are big business because they offer hours of entertainment, the chance to play with people from all around the world and also the opportunity to win cash and maybe even hit the jackpot for a massive windfall; all from the comfort of your own home.

Since online casinos are such big business, there a huge number available online – each offering a range of games, bonuses and special offers.

You may think that once you’ve seen one online casino you’ve seen them all; but think again! Casinos with slot tournaments have become the hottest places to play online, with the numbers of players flocking to try their luck in this exciting new version of slots multiplying every day.

Why are casinos with slot tournaments so popular?

The biggest reason for players choosing casinos with slot tournaments is that players are now looking for slots with a little more excitement. Standard slots are solitary machines which are easy to learn and require very little strategy to play.

In addition, casino players have become familiar with the online format and as technology advances, they have begun to demand more interaction. As a result, to make slots more interesting and please their players, casinos have begun to introduce more slot tournaments which enable players to compete against each other in a fast paced environment.

Slot tournaments are also advantageous to players in that in every tourney, unlike on standard slots, there are guaranteed winners. If you take this into consideration, casinos with slot tournaments offer players more variety and more ways to win.

How to find casinos with slot tournaments

There are several ways to locate casinos with slot tournaments. You can look on independent casino portals which review all of the sites out there to bring you an unbiased account of what each casino has to offer.

The reviews are usually in an easy to read table format and so look for the slot tournaments column to view the casinos with slot tournaments. You can also check out online communities such as forums for information from other players.

The other way to find casinos with slot tournaments is to go direct to the casino and search the site. If you already have a casino account, check in the casino lobby under slots; because slot tournaments are so popular, your casino might have added slot tournaments to their list of available games.

Casinos with slot tournaments for free

If you’ve not played slots tournaments and aren’t sure whether you’d like to invest your bankroll in a new type of game, there are plenty of casinos with slot tournaments that can be played for free. You can download a free money account and try out the slot tournaments using play chips; then if you like the experience you can play for real money.

Alternatively, look for a free slot tournament in your real money account; these can be difficult to find but do exist. But be warned, for obvious reasons these free slot tournaments fill up fast so make sure you register early.