Initially, most of the online casinos offered tournaments linked with some of the classic gambling games like poker and blackjack. However, over the past few years, these casinos have also started organizing slot tournaments. These tournaments are associated with slot machine games and have gained tremendous amount of popularity in a relatively short span of time.

Out of the different slot machine competitions held online, free roll tournaments have enjoyed the maximum fan following. Invariably, almost every online casino website is organizing this competition in order to attract more number of players.

In order to indulge in free roll slot tournaments, a player would not have to pay any deposit amount. Hence, one can join for free. However, each participant would get a certain amount of time or denomination for which the game can be played. For instance – every player might get only 2 minutes to play the game. Incase a player wants to continue playing the game even after the said time; he/she would have to buy the time. The amount of buying time varies from one casino to other. However, the average amount that needs to shelled out is somewhere in between $2 – $10.

How are free rolls played?

Once an individual visits any online casino, he/she can browse through the gaming options which are often placed on the left hand side of the screen. Clicking on the ‘slot machines’ options would invariably take the individual to the page that displays a series of slot tournaments available. The page would introduce the player to the entire tournament schedule.

The coin size in free rolls tournament is usually fixed. However, each player gets the leverage to go ahead and decide the number of coins he/she would like to bet. The starting balance is around 5000 coins. The average time frame that a casino would offer in this balance is in between 5 to 30 minutes. More often than not, free rolls tournaments would not last more than an hour, unless it is meant to for a longer time.

There could be a situation where an individual loses onto all the coins before the allotted time is over. In order to continue with the game in such a scenario, the player can go ahead and buy more coins. Amount can be paid keeping in mind the length of time for which the player would like to continue. Usually, there are slabs of 5 minutes and 10 minutes available.

Like most of the other slot tournaments, free rolls too include winning amounts. The amount is transferred to the account of the player. The player can make use of different withdrawal methods in order to enjoy the money.

Apart from free rolls, there are a number of other kinds of slot tournaments available as well. The ‘Vegas Technology’ slot tournaments too have gained a lot of popularity in recent times and are being played regularly.


Indulging in slot tournaments is not a difficult task at all. All a player needs to do is get registered with an online casino that offers such competitions and he/she is good to go.