Plus a lot of characters, especially most superheroes and supervillains, have more than one monikerwith so many options, you might actually have a hard time taking your pick!

Choosing a name for a female cat can take some thought. 71. Angel. Kamilah is an Egyptian for perfect. 10. Well cover over 200 distinctive literary names for both female and male cats. Use Gilbert or Lewis if you want a name closer to normal. Tips for Naming Your Cat . Beezus and Ramona.

Study your cats personality to find a name that fits her. Gilles. Malfoy. 52) Figaro from Pinocchio. Famous cat names from books, cartoons, and pop culture. 100+ Harry Potter Inspired Cat Names; The Best Movie-Inspired Cat Names Lois Great name for a female cat that plays the rule of a warrior. Cat Duo Names for Males. Cuffy is a good choice for a black kitten name. Our Favorite Name. Female black cats are often given this name. Ally. Aziza is an Egyptian name which means precious. Madonna is Latin for my lady. Cuff is the name of a character in a childrens book named Cuffy the Cook. Bella. Cat Names Inspired By Movies/Tv/Books. Bonnie.

72. Hasina Means lover. Photo by Bruno Abdiel from Pexels, created in Canva by Author. Gucci & Prada.

gildan mint green sweatshirt munich marriage records female cat names from books. Theres a lot to choose from in this list of Famous Cat Names from Movies and T.V. From funny cat names and black cat names to orange cat names, Parade is on the pulse of all the best ideas for naming your pretty kitty. Coco or Chanel: Coco Chanel needs no introductionelegant and inventive, her clothing label remains among the most coveted in the world. Zen. Nelly. For instance, Zara means princess in Russian and star in Arabic.

If you like the nerd culture presented on Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj & Howard are good names. Beatrice a funny Latin name for one who brings joy. Cat Duo Names for Females. You Will like these black cat names based on Disney characters! 53) Meowthra from The Lego Ninjago movie. Edgar Allen Poe The dark and mysterious American author. Kuzco The lazy and entitled protagonist from The Emperors New Groove. You can find inspiration anywhere, from celebrity names to popular childrens books. Please check out one of our other cat name links below for additional inspiration! Give your female kitten a feisty nerdy cat name from a comic book. Refresh and try again. So The Dodo rounded up over 150 of the best girl cat names for your female cat (and there are some really good ones on this list). You can also find male cat names and female cat names that are inspired by books, movies, and television. Contrary to superstitions, black cats make great pets! Hagrid a great choice for a very fluffy cat. If you find a name you love, do a quick search for its meaning. Filch a perfect name for an especially cranky cat. Elle. The most popular cat name in these states was the most frequently reported popular cat name in all of the United States. The name Bella is often associated with the Italian word bella, which means beauty .

If youre bringing a sweet kitten into your heart and home, give her a name thats as adorable as she is. Maleficent The perfect name for a little villain-ish cat with a touch of love deep inside. Gazelle- means graceful. 70. Male & Female Duos. Ava. A list of Books Cat Names for Girl cats! Bling or Bling Bling: Fabulous jewelry or eye candy.

Weve covered all those bases and more below. You can also opt From the botanical world, inspired by colours, to characters from literature and film, foodie favourites and regal namesakes. Sonny & Cher. gray female kitten names Naming your pet after a member of the royalty is quite common. Bagheera (Indian origin) means "tiger-like". Both could describe a pampered Persian with attitude! Grab a cup of coffee and lets get started! Youre thrilled to bring home your new girl cat. Leia Name for a cat that loves to be independent. Paisley. Chip & Bud. Circe: A beautiful name for a cat.This unique name also comes from Greek mythology. Here are a few of our top cutest picks: Alice. Here are some example of popular, unique and fitting names for female cats. Brooke. Applejack. Vision of Shadows #3: Shattered SkyCrowfeathers TrialBluestars ProphecyMapleshades VenganceOmen Of The Stars Book 2: The Forgotten Warrior If youre already using this name for a current pet, I wouldnt use it. Trying to find a perfect name for your feline can be a tough job, especially if youre indecisive. We have some favourites in that list, which includes the names of our favourite family cat Bonnie. 16.Blackfire is a supervillainess from the DC universe. Oliver. Weve even added in some famous mythological cat names! When thinking of a name for your cat, make sure you pick something that you will not get tired of in a couple of years. This name would be great for a Gilderoy after the charming, yet misguided, professor Harry encounters in the Chamber of Secrets. Evan. I chose them because they are some of the most popular names on the Internet for female pets. Bessie. Bella. neko atsume rare cats 2022; taco bell themed party; oben rorr electric bike showroom near me; steambirds google play; encanto personality disorders; female cat names from books. But you want to make sure you pick out a name for her thats as perfect as she is. Perfect for snarky and fierce fluffballs. Sable. 51) Lucifer from Cinderella. You can also see our favorite picks for names inspired by famous writers, imaginary places, childrens books, classics, and comics. This is the alias of Natasha Romanova, one of the Avengers from Marvel Comics. Binks. Literary cat names are usually based on authors, characters, or book titles. Annie Given to female orange cats, named after Little Orphan Annie, the famous redhead.Ariel cool name for a female cat; just like the red/orange haired mermaid.Cayenne A spice. Clementine Name for sweet and juicy cats.Copper Named after a metal that has a bit of an orange color.More items Noah.

Weve taken inspiration from all over to compile a list of our top 100 female cat names. Check out the below list for a wide variety of names for your female kitty! Circe was a goddess who was good at making potions and performing spells. There are tons of popular girl names you can use for your backyard critters. Then youll want a canonical cat name. A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets. Also, remember, whatever name you decide, choose something you feel comfortable sharing with your friends, family, and cat's vet's office. Rate this book. Bonnie. Cats live an average of 13 to 17 years and sometimes longer. Weasley. Pluto This name represents both the ruler of the underworld and the name of the black cat in the famous Edgar Allan Poe story.Hades He is another ruler of the underworld in ancient mythology.Loki He is a trickster who shares many characteristics of wily felines.Sphinx A mythical creature from a culture who idolized cats.More items Some are known for being daredevils like this cat who jumped five stories to the ground and was fine. 50) Duchess from Babe. Mint Cool name for a cat with green eyes and grey fur. Balbina is Latin for strong. Buffy. 100. Amelia. May 12, 2022 kansas city royals fitted hat side patch. 3.95 avg rating 51,282 ratings. Mimi.

Unique Female Cat Names: Dalila is an Egyptian name meaning sweet. Riley. You know, that guy. Catastrophy. James Bowen. Zeus. Lumiere An iconic character from Beauty and the Beast. by. And if youre a diehard Dickens fan, theres Pickwick, Havisham, Chuzzlewit, Madame Defarge, Artful Dodger, or Serjeant Buzfuz. Xaphod, Beeblebrox & is quite a mouthful, so you may want to call him Xaph for short. This is a great name for a dark-colored cat. This is a list of unique female cat names that you can use to make your cat feel more special and secure. 73. Named after the infamous Bonnie, from the crime duo Bonnie and Clyde, it would be criminal not to consider this as a Here is a list of female cat names: Calypso: A nymph in Greek Mythology. The secret to the cutest name for your female cat is picking one that reflects her personality and unique features. Draco. A beautiful comic book name for your black kitten. He is a gruff but likeable character. Cute Names. A name will help to build the relationship between you and your cat and give them a place in your heart. Moose A nice name for a restless cat. Cats can live up to 16 years and sometimes longer. Image Credit: Cattrall, Shutterstock. Megara The femme fatale from the 1997 film Hercules. How To Name Your Cat. Cat Morgan: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot: Retired and works as a doorman at the book publishers Faber and Faber. Fitzgerald A great name if youre a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the American novelist who emblemized the Jazz area. 54) Pyewacket from Bell Book and Candle. Liebchen from the movie 'The Witches' is popular among pet owners. Aslan ( The Chronicles of Narnia ) Bagheera ( The Jungle Book ) Behemoth ( The Master And Margarita ) Blinx ( Blinx: The Time Sweeper ) Buttercup ( The Hunger Games ) Carbonel ( Carbonel: The King Of Cats ) Cheshire Cat ( Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ) When they say cats have nine lives, they must be referring to the badass cats on this list. Find the perfect name for your kitty by searching our list of 1500+ names by category! Sirius. Some of the most popular names for grey cats are Lola, Nola, Mela, Rilla, Roxy, Opal and Tana. Dovima: Dovima was born Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba in 1927 in New York City. Think Dahlia, Rose, Daffodil, and Zinia to name but a few. Cartoon Cat Names. Also, choose something you feel comfortable sharing with your friends, family, and veterinarian's office. Salem. Bling Bling is a lovely name for an Oriental breed of cat. Angel. Moana From the popular animated movie; given to a female grey cat. Mystery. Thackery. Ron. Smokey (Stuart Little) Irina (Cat People) Neutron (This Island Earth) Meowthra (The Lego NINJAGO Movie) Milo (The Adventures of Milo and Otis) Blofelds cat (From Russia With Love) Elsa the Lioness (Born Free) Mrs. Norris (Harry Potter) Mrs. Norris (Harry Potter) We know there may be a bit of pressure to choose the right name for your furry friend, but we hope this walk down memory lane has pointed you in the right direction. The Cat in the Hat The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss: A mischievous anthropomorphic feline from Dr. Seuss's book of the same name. It is short and sweet, as well as adorable. 99. Twain A tribute to Mark Twain, the American author and humorist. Read further for the complete list of cat duo names. Tips for Naming Your Unique Female Cat . Otherwise, youll confuse your cat or dog when youre calling out the name of your squirrel. When thinking of a name for your cat, make sure you pick something that has lasting power. Aslan (Turkish origin) means "lion". 97. You can use the name of an animal associated with a member of the animal kingdom or a character from mythology. 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Comic Book Cat Name Considerations A plethora of comic books out there means theres also a plethora of potential names to choose from. 15.Black Widow. Literary Names for Cats. Here are some un-fur-gettable names that we think give your female cat some sass and catitude. Bert & Spencer. Clear rating. 14.Black Canary is a superhero from the DC Arrowverse. Zeda. If youre in a romantic mood, perhaps youd like Rochester, Hindley, Fanny, Mr. Darcy, Bertram, Fitzwilliam, Brocklehurst, or The Madwoman in the Attic (nickname: Maddy). Popular Female Cat Names in the United States According to Nationwide Pet Insurance, as of 2019, the most popular names for female cats are: